Domain Cost Club – DCC – for domain investors

Domain-cost Club (DCC) – New Global Domains (TLDs) at wholesale prices for domain investors

The next Internet gold rush!

This unique opportunity you can not miss to be the largest Internet Domainrush the story from the beginning easy! Maximize your profits with the domain cost club!

Domainendungen bei Domain Cost Club, interessant auch für Domain-Investoren
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The new domain extensions are extremely popular and rapidly conquer the Web. In the course of 2014 were already dozens of new domain extensions like .guru, .wiki, .vision, .works to come on the global domain market, hundreds of other TLDs in the coming years. With a little creativity, imagination knows no limits more. As a result, now give millions of new, attractive opportunities to invest in new domain variants!

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Domain Cost Club (DCC) für die günstigsten Domains am Markt

Why register with the domain cost club?

Quite simply, you look for the domain name for dealer purchase price of (at cost price) and secure it to you immediately!

The basic principle of investing in new domains to buy at the best price in the market and then sell high. You’ll never be able to buy domain names cheaper than the Domain Cost Club. Because you sold the domain cost the club domain names at wholesale prices (at cost), it is possible to realize virtually at a bargain price a domain portfolio with interesting and attractive domain names. Your $ 99 membership fee is a good investment and can already pay less than ten domain purchases.

Compare prices for new TLDs in popular registrars

Domain Cost Club Domainpreise vergleichen Domain
GoDaddy.com27.99 $128.99 $128.99 $ 27.99 $99.99 $99 $
Name.com24.99 $109.99 $109.99 $
Namecheap.com24.88 $78.88 $78.88 $
Domain-Cost-Club >NUR
20 $66 $65 $



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The membership in the domain cost club for $ 99, has made only three .accountants domains already more than paid for itself. The domain cost club makes sense for each domain investor who is looking for an easy way to generate profits with new TLDs. The only thing you need to register your domains, the domain-cost club.

Domain investors reduce your costs, increase your profits, present yourselves today to the domain cost club!

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