Domain Cost Club (DCC) for the lowest At-Cost Pricing on domains

Why Domain-Cost-Club (DCC)?

  • save thousands of international domain extensions (TLDs) at super low purchase prices, only in the domain cost club (exclusive to club members)
  • The domain-cost club offers attractive earning opportunities (25 – $ 200 for a single refferal), so you can easily refinance your own membership
  • closed 4 x 7 Matrix with Spillover (You deserve every member in your matrix, whether self-advertised or not)
  • rapid growth through network design and Viral Marketing
  • domain cost club is just getting started in the global market, therefore you secure your place at the top and benefit immediately from the beginning of the spillover
  • you can the domain cost club as many domains as you want to register at cost and with your resell margin (if you want to act as resellers)
  • transfer domain from other providers to cost-Club (already existing domains to Transfer Domain Cost Club)
  • Domain Cost Club is the one and only player in the global domain trading with unbeatable prices and multi-level affiliate plan
  • annually recurring commissions
  • no monthly costs

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Thousands of new TLDs with domain-cost club

Thousands of new TLDs will be available in the future on the Internet.
The Internet is expanding very fast. Top Level Domains (TLDs) are the names right of the point, such as .com and .net or .info. Hundreds and eventually thousands of new TLDs (Top Level Domains) are already partially or be introduced in the next few years, including names such as .web, .plumber .shop,. academy, .bar, kaufen, .photos, .ninja, .pizza, .sexy etc. Secure a great name today that actually describes your interests.

Shopping at cost price with domain-cost club

Domains at-cost pricing without dealer mark. Domain-cost Club (DCC) does not make money when club members buy domains. Nothing, nothing, not one cent. Cost Domain Club sold domains exclusively at exactly the same prices to end users, as they were purchased. This is the well-known registrars like GoDaddy pay, Network Solutions, Namecheap, 1&1, United Domains or any other registrar the same price. Stop paying middle man markup. Enjoy transparent at-cost pricing on domain registrations, renewals, and transfer-ins.

Benefits of Membership in Domain Name Cost Club

Only Domain Cost Club members enjoy this exclusive and affordable pricing on domain registrations, domain renewals and domain transfers. The Standard Club membership (club member) for the domain cost club is to be paid annually. As a special offer to launch there are a limited number of so-called charter memberships, which means a lifetime membership for an unbeatable one-off payment.

  • Shopping cheapest prices on the market for all domains
  • the same low prices at the annual renewal of domain
  • the same applies to all existing domains that are transferred to Cost Domain Club
  • Network structure for residual income
  • Ready for premium recruited new members
  • annual commission on all memberships in your matrix

Join Now! Domain Cost Club

Compare Domain Cost Club pricing with the market prices

Tired of looking for the best deal? Domain-cost club offers guarantees the lowest cost deals. Forget all possible promotional codes, crazy discounted bundles and applications of other providers with overpriced annual fee when you renew. This is now with the domain cost club definitive ending. Register as many domains as you want, whenever you want, at exactly the same price, pay the cost of the domain Club and all other accredited registrars with ICANN. No charge, never ever.

Screenshot by Toni Blaettler

Making money with Domain Cost Club

You have 2 options to make money with domain-cost club, an instant bonus and an annual fee to renew the domain cost club membership. Build yourself a network and earn for every personal referral fees, and not only that. Thanks to the closed 4x7er matrix with the spillover You can also not directly recruited by you partners benefit and of course everyone in your downline made activities to 7 levels deep , If you enroll someone as a standard member, you get $ 20 instant bonus (Bounty) and $ 5 annual fee (Commission), another $ 30 are on the 6 levels of your network distributed ($ 5 per level). In a recruited from you charter member of the immediate premium (Bounty) is 180 $, the annual fee $ 20 and another $ 120 are distributed to the upline.

MitgliedschaftsartMembergebührSofortprämiejährliche ProvisionProvision in die Upline
Standard Member99 $ pro Jahr20 $5 $30 $
Charter Member499 $ einmal180 $20 $120 $
Domain Cost Club (DCC) so sehen die Provisionen und Vergütungen aus

Domain Cost Club 4 × 7 matrix with spillover

The power of a duplication
A matrix is nothing complicated, just a way to get many people to generate a high income. The 4 x 7 matrix consists of 7 levels, which means you get commission on 7 levels of your downline. The 4 represents the 4 people in the first level, the fifth person then comes the spillover into play, which means this person is placed one level. Therefore, you will benefit from the spillover of your upline. In the second level, 16 people are placed in the third 256, etc.

Domain Cost Club (DCC) 4x7 Matrix, die Macht des Netzwerkes und des viralen Marketings ausnützen

Domain Cost Club is ICANN accredited

Domain-cost club is an ICANN accredited registrar, powered by Global Domains International, Inc. GDI has been in the domain industry since 1999 as a ccTLD registry operator  and became an  ICANN accredited registrar in 2009. Registrars are the wholesaler in the field of global domain business. All registrars buy domains at exactly the same price, and then sell them with their price range to the end user. Domain-cost club revolutionized this model by introducing the low prices at cost price for all.

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